The multiple variations of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is the energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally reintegrated into a human time scale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. Renewable energy supplies energy in four important areas: electricity production, air and water heating/cooling, rural energy services (off-grid).

The photovoltaic system is increasingly popular in homes today and gives us the opportunity to heat homes while saving and without polluting the environment. Heating the house has never been easier and cheaper thanks to the use of heating systems with electric radiators.

The solar panel heating system uses, like the photovoltaic system, the energy of the sun and the latter are used for the production of hot water and space heating.              

Tonon Evolution looks to the future and has always paid particular attention to the themes of energy saving and renewable energy, researching new innovative technologies, such as towel warmers with dry technology, ensuring quality, high performance, savings for a cleaner world.

In addition to an operating saving deriving from the lack of use of fossil fuels, an enormous structural saving also ensues as the conventional heating system, whether it is with boiler (even if condensing) or heat pump, is replaced with a normal electrical system. The savings obtained by the absence of the conventional system can in fact be used for the construction of a photovoltaic system which today allows the recovery of the investment in a few years.

Furthermore, the use of renewable and clean energy such as the sun helps us make our contribution to improving the environment around us.

In a constantly evolving and highly competitive market, it is essential that Tonon Evolution aims to achieve its objectives while always maintaining correct ethics, respecting all social, moral and environmental values. We intend to use our research and skills, so that the possibility of saving the environment does not remain just a dream and savings are a fact.

Tonon Evolution has always paid particular attention to the themes of energy savings and renewable energy, studying new innovative technologies. In addition to developing new projects that allowed him to expand the range of electric radiators, he patented an innovative towel warmer with dry technology.


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