The kit is included with all Tonon Forty towel heaters and radiators . More specifically with the towel heaters, besides the caps and vents, the fixing kit supplied is also depth adjustable and includes screws and plugs for wall mounting.

Yes they can. You can use the kit supplied for the Burano series while for Florian you’ll need to buy the fixing kit, code 137100026 . The only limit with the 3-column Florian is that it is unsuitable in terms of weight and aesthetics.

Today the heating system used the most is the radiant system with a condensation boiler as the heat generator. You save the most energy by running the boiler at a low temperature. Using an electric towel heater you avoid connecting the high temperature. Furthermore, when taking everything into account, integration with the towel heater has a maximum daily consumption of about 0.50 Euros, bearing in mind we have a 500w towel heater working for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening for showers. With the Tonon towel heater you can’t even forget to leave it on because it has a forced 1-2 hour functioning key after which it switches off automatically. If you want to forget turning on and off altogether then there is also the weekly programmable control version as well as the possibility of an infrared remote control. The child safety switch is a standard feature as well as the antifreeze function for the winter.