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Tonon Forty Launches Its New Line of Radiators “Colors Vintage”, with Finishes Dedicated to Vintage Products and Created with Arsonsisi Powder Coatings Tonon Forty is an Italian leader in the design, production, and sale of heating appliances and systems. In collaboration with Arsonsisi, a well-established Italian leader in the industrial coating market, it has revamped its well-known foil radiators from the Colors range. Colors is Tonon Forty’s flagship product, which established itself on the market in 1967
thanks to its reliability and versatility. It is available in a wide range of options including different thicknesses and dimensions and it fits perfectly in any room, embellishing it with its unmistakable style. Tonon Forty and Arsonsisi have been collaborating for years to
ensure maximum results and the high quality that is typical of Italian-made products of excellence. This collaboration also led to the
creation of the new “Colors Vintage” range .With their carefully selected finishes dedicated to vintage products, the Colors radiators give
a touch of style to any environment, focussing on materials to recreate the sensations for which the Italian design is appreciated in the world. Simple materials such as copper, aluminium, stone, and soil have inspired the finishes chosen for this new line: mixed
together, they create unique and surprising shades reminding of the different elements in all their nuances.
Figure 1: The new “Colors Vintage” radiator range, designed by Tonon Forty and coated with nsisi powders.

© Arsonsisi
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www.touchthecolor.com That is how the Vintage Corten finish was conceived. “Our design department
worked closely with the sales department of Arsonsisi,” states Tonon Forty Marketing Manager Arianna Giuseppin.
“Arsonsisi’s expertise and technical assistance helped us a lot in this project and they were decisive for the success of
our Vintage collection.” The Copper, Aluminium, and Stone finishes are based on coloured epoxypolyester coatings, whereas the Vintage
Land and Vintage Corten ones are obtained through a particular treatment on raw radiators followed by the application of transparent polyester industrial products However, quoting the Colore Sicuro project of Assovernici (the Italian association of paint producers), “there is value beyond colour”. Arsonsisi has joined Colore Sicuro to support the values of respect for its paints’ users,
society, and the environment. The peculiarity of these two well-established Italian companies lies precisely in their values.
Tonon Forty’s collaboration with Arsonsisi once again confirms its attention to quality, safety, and the environment through the
choice of eco-friendly technologies and the protection of its operators, collaborators, and customers’ health – with maximum
transparency. For further information: