Production flexibility as a plus to comply with customer requirements

Tonon production foresees great flexibility guaranteed thanks to a simple and dynamic system.

Flexibility means maximum respect for Customer requirements and to satisfy all his requests. Tonon has a comprehensive range of products, to meet all requirements and perfect to satisfy all needs, even the most specific. The vast availability of standard products provides a vast choice of solutions and styles that blend in perfectly with all settings. Innovation and the constant updating of company know-how allow Tonon to anticipate market demands, proposing solutions that are always absolutely innovative, complying with the most modern trends. The Tonon quality is a constant element in production that undergoes an impeccable quality control.

The different certifications it has obtained guarantees the seriousness and the quality of the products and the commitment of everyone in the company searching for customer satisfaction from all points of view. Each stage of the production process is, in fact, monitored to guarantee products that are truly controlled, safe and of an excellent quality. The seven product lines that represent the synthesis of team work that starts with the design, the research of materials, production and sales through its capillary distribution network, each line characterised by different sales channels, different production departments but which have the claim of satisfying the search for the customer’s wellbeing in seven different ways

Forty Chiller

tailor-made solutions for air conditioning, 5 to 600 kW heat pumps, liquid chillers for indoors with water condensation, heat pumps for indoors cooled with well water, two-section chillers, air cooled condensing unit for outdoors

Forty Wind

to distribute your need for comfort: wall, ceiling, built-in fan coils, high head fan coils, wall fan coils with tangential fan, water cassette to install in false ceilings, fan coil units with water battery, air treatment unit.

Forty Hot

the complete line for heating all your rooms, radiators for heating.

Forty Bath

to wear warmth in your home, towel heater, bathroom furnishing radiators.

Forty Design

heating that becomes the shape of your creative imagination, radiators and towel heaters with high aesthetic values.

Forty Fire

to generate and store your need for warmth, central heating unit, heating units, stainless steel boilers, Tefloned boilers.

Forty Electric

warmth with a simple click, towel heater and radiators with electrical integration.